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We get fence building questions all the time from our customers regarding local laws, state laws, design concepts. and neighbor rules. We have been building and designing custom fences and gates in Austin, Texas for decades and have seen our fair share of fails. We learn from them, move on, and strive to build our next fence better than the last.
Austin has a rich culture and eclectic ideas for yard and fence development. We love the challenge in designing a fence specific to your tastes and wants. So what kind of fence do you envision for your Austin yard? Our track record shows that calling Austin Fence Builders is the right move to make. We’ll happily provide you with a comprehensive and competitive estimate, and if you want to move on, we understand. No obligation, no hassle.
Below we’ve included some of our most asked questions from residents and business owners building fences throughout Austin and Taylor County. No, it’s not every question we’ve every gotten, but hopefully it can help you out.
At Austin Fence Builders, we provide Austin residents the highest quality fences in the Austin area. Our services include fence installation and fence repair.
Our Gates
A new gate can make even an older fence look elegant and contemporary or give a new fence a more finished feel. And, more importantly, a well-designed gate can offer improved home security and privacy.

Popular Questions

We want to assist you every step of the way. Feel free to call us or send an email with any fence questions you may have, but we may just have the answer below.
Wood fences generally last 12 to 15 years when properly maintained. Chain link fences and vinyl fences can last a lifetime when treated right.
For residential fences, posts generally are dug 18 to 24 inches in the ground. We do our research first and never dig where an underground pipe or wire would be punctured. Typically, pipes and wires in Austin are deeper than 24 inches in the ground, and this isn’t an issue. We are able to reroute sprinkler lines if necessary.
No matter where you live in the Austin metro area, we have installed both commercial and residential fencing. We are happy to provide more examples of our work in and around the Austin, TX area.
Wood privacy fences can require minor maintenance, depending on the appearance you desire. Stain fades over time, and re-staining is typically necessary. Chain link, vinyl, and PVC fences are generally maintenance-free.
We suppose that depends on the size and behavior of your dog. Extra installation procedures can be taken to make your fence dog-proof.
We make a point to keep an eye on our market competitors and always stay ahead. No matter what the competition charges, we can save you money.
Yes, the fence can run along the grade of the property. However you may have to compromise the height of the fence or the grade for proper appearance, depending on whether your goal is security or aesthetics.