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Our Story at Austin's Fence

Our Mission

Here at Austin’s Fence Company, we’ve built a team of people who care about quality, community, and are dedicated to getting the job done. Austin’s Fence Company cares- we use only the highest quality products and materials- always stainless steel nails and high quality stain and sealer because we care about the quality of your fence and the end product of what your project will look like. We will work with you however we can to ensure the greatness of your fence in Austin, Texas here at Austin’s Fence Company. Contact us today for a consultation and our rates in Austin, Texas! Check out our reviews!

What We Are About

Austin’s Fence Company is about Community. We value what your final project will look like, and put that into our work. We value what your needs are, whether it be budgetary, aesthetic, or an issue needing to be solved.
Austin’s Fence Company in Austin, Texas is about giving back and community outreach and involvement. Every year we will give to a local charity or non-profit to benefit the local Austin, Texas community.
Austin’s Fence Company is about Fair Wages, we believe that people deserve to be paid a “living” wage for the hard work they do here in Austin, Texas. We value all people and their needs.

Our Quality

If you are looking for a quality fence builder in Austin, Texas, look no further than Austin’s Fence Company in Austin, Texas. We only use the highest quality screws, nails, materials, stain, and sealer for your project. Austin’s Fence Company would never build something for a client that they would not build for themselves. We highly value your fence needs and have the capability to create the fence of your dreams with the best materials in Austin, Texas. We only use stainless steel nails, high quality materials, and the best stain and sealer in Austin, Texas, and that is a guarantee. Fill out your information below to contact us for further information about our quality and we will get back to you as soon as possible.