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Great Facts About Barton Natural Springs Municipal Pool in Austin Texas

Barton Springs Municipal Pool in Austin, Texas, is considered as one of the best outdoor swimming pools, which was built in Austin, Texas. It was built in 1960 and had a lap pool above the reservoir. This pool has an average depth of around eight feet and is around four acres. It can hold around five thousand people. DescriptionBarton Springs Pool refers to a recreational pool that is filled completely with water derived from the surrounding natural springs. It’s located on the land of Zilker Park in Austin Texas.
It uses water coming from Main Barton Springs, the third-largest underground spring in Texas, and uses this water to filter and purify the water. It also uses this water to maintain its condition while swimming. This pool has a capacity of about ten thousand gallons per day, which can rise up to twenty-six thousand gallons per day. The pool is surrounded by fenced and protected enclaves for safety measures. It was built around fourteen feet above the reservoir and eight feet above the adjacent street.
It was built with round-shaped aluminum pipes, which were placed around the pool’s walls. This was then capped with polyethylene sheeting. After this process was done, steel posts were put up around the pool. Pool lights are essential as they provide enough illumination to allow people to swim safely. There is a bar in this pool, but it is not very deep, so children should not play around it.