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The Rich History of Texas Capitol in Austin

The Texas Capitol in Austin is the state capitol building and the official seat of the state government of Texas. Founded in January 1947, the building houses the legislative offices and chief executive offices of Texas and also the Secretary of State. It was built by the new State of Texas through a process of the bond issue and real estate investment. As it is located in the midst of Downtown Austin, one can enjoy the beautiful Austin nightlife and take part in the cultural activities which are present all around the downtown area. Tourists visiting Texas from other states also visit the Texas Capitol in Austin to see the historical significance of the building.
Architectural Characteristics The Texas Capitol in Austin features a unique architecture that has been shaped by the unique geography and climate of Texas and the surrounding areas. It was designed with views towards the Capitol and the Travis County Courthouse in addition to spaces designed for congressional committees and general public gatherings. It features innovative use of a cross-section architectural design to provide abundant natural lighting and maximize the efficiency of space. The architect who completed the project of the Texas Capitol in Austin was Christopher Stringham who is a graduate of Texas State University.
Texas Capitol in Austin The structure of Texas Capitol in Austin is marked by an original building framed by red granite, the rotunda, which is covered with water-resistant glass, the main floor which is made up of marble, and the floors of each chamber down to the last detail in the original building of the capitol extension. The Texas State Capitol in Austin rotunda is covered with a glass roof that allows natural sunlight into the building but also protects the rotunda from rain, wind, and high wind. The Texas Capitol in Austin has also incorporated many different architectural features, such as the Texas Capitol in Texas rotunda. This feature makes Texas Capitol in Austin a favorite place for visitors and residents alike.