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The Unique Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve in Austin Texas

DescriptionThe Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve in Austin, Texas, is a unique place to enjoy outdoor living. It is set on a spectacular hilltop at an elevation of over 800 feet, directly above the Austin City Limits. This amazing location offers many different activities for the whole family. It is also located near a beautiful playground for children. It is open to the public during the months of May to October, every Sunday, from sunrise to sunset. For the best view, it is suggested to get up early enough to take advantage of the partial moon during the hours of darkness.
LocationThe Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve in Austin, Texas, is a unique location that offers fantastic views of Austin’s cityscape as well as lush, natural surroundings. The property is located on a large bluff overlooking Lake Austin, which is Lake Austin’s main water source. In the center of the park is a beautiful circular pond with waterfalls, birdbaths, and several seating areas. Other activities include hiking through wooded trails, nature watching, and visiting various natural locations that are marked throughout the park.
The park was designed to mimic a small town in Central America, complete with cork walkways, tree-shaded picnic areas, shady pavilions, and beautiful gardens. Although the park was originally built for aesthetic purposes, its current owner, Ellen M. Mayfield, continually adds plants and trees to the area, providing a habitat full of natural beauty. Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve in Austin, Texas, are some of Austin’s most visited attractions, with a large number of tourists stopping by on weekends and daily to take in the beautiful scenery.