The residential division of Austin Outdoor Builders

What We Are About

Austin Fence Company is about Community. We value what your final project will look like, and put that into our work. We value what your needs are, whether it be budgetary, aesthetic, or a needed issue needing to be solved.
Austin Fence Company in Austin, Texas is about giving back and community outreach and involvement. Every year we will give to a local charity or non-profit to benefit the local Austin, Texas community.

Need a beautiful new fence? We'll get the ball rolling!

Austin Fence Company is about Sustainability. Our Services will always be consistent and maintained at a high quality level, we will not stop until the job is done. We will remain consistent with all current and future clientele in Austin, Texas.
At Austin Fence Builders, we provide Austin residents the highest quality fences in the Austin area. Our services include fence installation and fence repair.
Our Gates
A new gate can make even an older fence look elegant and contemporary or give a new fence a more finished feel. And, more importantly, a well-designed gate can offer improved home security and privacy.